Allure Glass toy by Doc Johnson Review by Blacksilk

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The Allure by Doc Johnson is marketed as a “gorgeous glass dildo” which is “not only perfect for internal pleasure but ideal for g-spot probing and stimulation too”. It is designed to be used internally and is a simple dildo which does not vibrate. It arrived in a very pretty, somewhat boho plastic box through which you can see the toy inside. Inside the box, the Allure rests in a clear plastic tray. Certainly, the packaging is pretty enough for a gift, however the toy doesn’t come with any kind of case or bag, which I consider an important item for a glass toy which might otherwise suffer a knock during travel or storage.

The toy is around 7″ long and about 1.5″ at its widest at the base. If you are anything like me, the widest part of that base will probably sit at around about the entrance of your vagina when fully inserted

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