Le Reve 10 speed Rechargable Massager By Mistress Kay

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Originally Posted at Kinky World

Author: Mistress Kay

The LeReve 10-Function Rechargeable massager is a small, plastic vibrator sold by Our Naughty Secrets. It is four inches long, and it includes a small charging port where the vibrator can plug in to recharge. It has a slightly curved design that is intended to hug your body closely, and it is fully waterproof for any water-time adventures.

The packaging is actually pretty cute. It comes in a small, cylinder-like box that stores both the charger and the sex toy. This package is black in design, and it clearly shows a picture of the vibrator on the front of the packaging, but it is very pretty, and it looks very classy. As the packaging is a lot larger than the vibrator and charger, you’ll probably just want to toss the packaging after you remove the vibrator.


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