Poppys pinups book review by blacksilk

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Poppy’s Pin-Ups is initially set in Cairo around the Second World War and tells the tale of Flying Officer Henry Truscott and his crew and their bid to make a bit of money taking dirty “pin-up” pictures of women and selling them to the troops. It starts in the thick of things during a poker game among RAF friends with female lead Poppy Pankhurst being made to strip naked (except her stockings, naturally) as a result of a poorly placed bet. The stakes are raised to a bare bottom spanking, given that Poppy has before dished them out to fellow WAAFs, and soon Henry has her in a rather indelicate situation. Poppy becomes both the main attraction and main headache of Henry’s life, the two of them having a very will-they-won’t-they, slap-slap-kiss sort of relationship.

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