Le Curve review by Delilah

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Author: Delilah

You’re wonderful. If it wasn’t for a couple flaws in your design I’d give you a 5 out of 5, no problem. Maybe if you come back with newer and improved features, you’ll achieve that. I have high hopes for you, Le Curve.
When I saw this, I was iffy. I’ve always been somewhat iffy on g-spot vibes; the curve is usually too sharp or too far in and then it’s just unpleasant because it hurts. I took a chance on it, though, and when it came in I promptly turned it on and had a go.

I found out VERY quickly that the Le Curve has it right. The insertable length of it measures out at about 4 inches, and the width graduates from 1 inch at the tip to 1.5 inches farther down.

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