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Overstimulated Male

Unlike most men I’m very picky about my underwear, I can’t just wear regular boxers. I prefer a style that are a little more on the sexy side, but I also don’t want to sacrifice comfort. So when I saw the Evolve line by 2(x)ist at Target I had to try them..

They come in 3 styles: Sport Briefs, No-Show Briefs, and No-Show Trunks. Instead of reviewing each style¬†separately¬†I figured I’d just combine them all into one large review, comparing the pros and cons of each. So lets gets started shall we?


The Sport Briefs are definitely the most “shocking” design style. Personally, I’m a fan of how the front pouch connects directly to the waste-band, leaving a small gap to the back section which gives it a string bikini type look.

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