NippleCharms Non-Piercing Nipple Shields by bashful babe

img courtesy of bashful babe

Originally Posted at: The sensual Scholar

Author: Bashful Babe
I’m a klutz.  I’ve always fancied body piercing, but given my skill at breaking myself without any sharp implements in range, I’d wind up being that person who gets a piercing ripped out.  So, my lust for standard body jewelry denied, I was intrigued when I spotted a picture on FetLife a few years ago of someone who had no-pierce shields that were every bit as pretty.  But, foiled again, I could only find them at horrific prices, or sold by people who thought that shipping from the US to the UK should cost three times as much as the product did.  Curses and such!  Then, the lovely TruePleasures hosted a competition to win a pair of Claddagh-style embracers, but had to be restricted to US only.  However, she’d included some links to the NippleCharms site, and after having a browse around,

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