Tenga Egg Review by Beanfiddler

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Have you heard of the Tenga Egg at Babeland? It is a nifty little masturbation sleeve for men. However, it makes a pretty cool textured cover for my Hitachi Magic Wand too. Why should the boys have all the fun?

As I stated above, Tenga Eggs are meant to be used as masturbation sleeves for men and I have heard they are quite effective for that purpose. They are one-time use masturbation sleeves, and they come in really fun packaging. The Tenga Egg comes inside an actual plastic shaped egg just like the ones you get at Easter with jellybeans in them. To open it, you peel off the outer plastic wrapping and crack the egg in half. Inside is the Tenga Egg and inside the Tenga Egg is a small packet of Tenga brand lubricant stuffed inside a plastic tube. It comes with everything a man needs to get started.

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