Vibrating Realistic Dildo(Doc Johnson) by Delilah

img courtesy of Delilah

Originally Posted at: Absolute Debauchery

Author: Delilah Captor

Okay, maybe not everywhere, but still.

When I got this from one of my favorite sex shops, it came in a nondescript brown box. It shipped out pretty damn fast, too, which is something I’m never disappointed by.

Once I opened it, though, I was visually stuck by the glorious representation of a black dong on a strikingly bright background. The packaging is so far from discrete you might as well plant your dildos in your front yard and talk to your neighbors about them – so you shouldn’t go storing this in plain sight. Not in the box and not on its own since it’s, y’know, a big ol’ wobbly cock.

Inside the box there’s a plain plastic shell which holds the vibrator, the remote – and as a bonus, a really nice toybag that you can store your new sextoy in.

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