Tantus Silk review by Lucy and Alex

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Author(s) Lucy and Alex

In ancient greek mythology Tantalus was sentenced to punishment in the deepest level of hell.  There, he was condemned to stand in a pool of water, underneath a fruit tree. As he would reach down to attempt to quench his thirst the water receded from his grasp, whilst the branches of the tree would arch away whenever he tried to sate his hunger with a piece of fruit.  It is from this unfortunate that we get the word tantalising, only too apt to describe the look of the tantus silk (do you see what I did there?).

The tantus silk is made of a very smooth silicone, available in either black or purple.  It also comes in different sizes: small, medium and large.  Subjectively we would say that these sizes are modest, with even the large only 12.5 cm around the widest point.

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