Mahana Duo Vibe Review by Unrepentant

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Author: Unrepentant

Today’s review item is the Mahana Duo Vibe by PicoBong.  I picked it as a review item from Babeland because the shape is interesting, and I’ve been wanting to try more dual-action toys; plus it’s made by a scion of the popular high-end manufacturer Lelo, and I’ve been dying to try Lelo toys for the longest time.


The Mahana Duo Vibe is a dual-action vibrator (meant for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation).  It’s waterproof, made of silicone and ABS plastic, takes two AAA batteries (but don’t use rechargeable ones, they won’t work), and has 12 different vibration modes.  It is 4.5″ long overall and each arm is 1″ in diameter.

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