Trojan Magnum Thin Condom Review by Overstimulated Male

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Before I turned 16 and didn’t have to worry about condoms, when I heard the word “magnum” the only thing I thought of was Magnum P.I. That may be because my middle name “Thomas” was actually named after the character and actor who played him, or it may have been just a simpler time.. Either way, times have changed and now you can’t mention the word without someone snickering. However, I felt like after 10 years of using “regular” condoms, it was time to slip on a Magnum and see how it fit.

Obviously the Magnum wrapper is larger than normal sized condom wrappers, but not by much, which kind of surprised me. In fact it’s actually smaller than the Trojan Ecstacy wrapper which is nice because although I love the Ecstacy condoms, the wrapper is too damn big, and it feels like you’re carrying around a packet of fruit snacks or something.

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