Burlesque Pasties by Kitty

img courtesy of kitty

Originally Posted at: The Sub Mission

Author:  Kitty

Pasties are one of those fun little accessories that lets you feel covered, while still being pretty darned naked.  I own a couple of pairs and they are fun for lots of things.  If you’re a burlesque dancer, these Burlesque Pasties   would be a great piece to add to your collection.  If you’re uncoordinated (like me), they might just be the trick for the bed room, or a cam session.

The fun thing about pasties is that they are so versatile.  Many women wear them under shirts which are sheer so that you can’t see their nipples.  These particular ones would probably not be the best choice in that sinereo though, because they are bulky and would be more noticeable than a bra.

You can also legally wear these in public in many places.

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