True Pleasures Reviews: Seductress Tube Dress by Seven ‘Til Midnight

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When I saw the Seductress Tube Dress by Seven ‘Til Midnight at EdenFantasys, I snapped it up for review as quickly as I could. The strap webs in the front screamed “sexy” to me, and I loved how the sides looked.

It basically covers the bare essentials, but there might be room for some variation. If I actually had any other tube top dress in a contrasting color, I’m betting it would look awesome underneath this. Technically, you could go clubbing in this, I guess, but it’s not modest enough for me to consider going out with it on.


While the packaging of the Seductress Tube Dress isn’t discreet, EdenFantasys always ships in plain boxes with the return address as “Web Merchants”.

The package of the dress is basically an envelope-like box made of shiny, thick paper. It’s sealed with numerous transparent circle stickers, which seems a bit of overkill, to me.

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