Tickle my Tush book review by Kitty

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Author: Kitty

I love anal play, at least to the extent I’ve experienced it. I’m not an advanced player by any means, and I’ve been working mainly with toys on the smaller side of the anal spectrum. When I saw the Tickle My Tush book on Goodvibes, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to expand my horizons, and learn even more about anal play. I’ve read a couple of booksby Dr. Sadie Allison in the past, and for the most part found them enjoyable, but I think Tickle My Tush will be my last one. For the right person, this book would be amazing. For me? Not so much.

Something that I’ve come to accept with Dr. Sadie’s books (this one being my third) is that they are most likely all going to have a hetero slant. This one, as well as the other two books I read by her did.

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