Bad Dragon – Bruiser the Fusion by A Woman and her wand

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HOE-LEE FUCK! That was my reaction from the beginning, once I opened the box to when I squirted all over the bed! What else do you want to know? Just go get one now!

Ok, so I WILL tell you more, because I’m a nice gal like that.

I have never begged for a review item, I’ll ask once and if they say no, or don’t return my email, I move on. But this is Bad Dragon we are talking about and I was NOT going to give up. I was determined to own one of these bad boys, and I made it my mission to do just that. It took me a good couple months of back and forth with the company, and I made a couple good friends along the way. Their employees are great to chat with and have an awesome sense of humor.

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