Pleasure Feather Review By Delilah

img via Delilah

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Before I get into the details of how this can be used, I’ll describe it a little. It’s got a bunch of bright red and iridescent green feathers attached with a rubber cap at the end of them, where a strap comes out so you can hang it from your wrist for easy access when you’re using it. The feathers are hella soft – quite possibly some of the softest I’ve ever felt and I found that I have a hard time not touching them if I leave this within reach of myself.

It’s pretty fluffy, too; the feathers average out at about 5 inches long on mine. The nice thing about this tickler is, it looks like a cat-toy, so you can go ahead and leave it out and people wouldn’t even notice. The packaging it comes in was just a plastic bag, so there’s no trouble keeping that out in the open either.

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