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Xotic Eyes kits are stunning eye kits to make it look like you took forever on your eye makeup when, in reality, it probably took less than 10 minutes. The sets come with peel-off-and-stick-on rhinestone patches, glitter filler, and fancy false lashes with rhinestone lash lines.

I had discovered Xotic Eyes & Body a while back, but I hadn’t had a chance to review anything from them. Lucky for me, Sin Free Toys was really sweet and let me review the Illusion Eyes Kit, since I wanted something to spiff myself up with for my last wig review. Given the fact that it was a mint wig, I thought the clear crystalized look would be perfect.  They have loads of Xotic Eyes kits to choose from, though, so it wasn’t an easy decision. I kept going back and forth between about three kits before I decided on this one.

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