Toyfriend Mini Review by Kitty

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Author: Kitty

The  Toyfriend Series  is one that I’ve had a lot of luck with.  True, there’s a couple of Toyfriends I didn’t really like, but overall I’ve had good luck with them.  When I saw the Toyfriend Mini series, I thought that they looked really cute.  They looked like the sort of thing you could keep in your purse or backpack and have on hand for “emergencies”.  I definitely wanted to try it out.

The Bunny Pink  is cute and small.  It arrived in similar packaging to the other Toyfriends and looks the same as the Coney Toyfriend, just mini-er.  Since I loved the Coney so much, I thought I would really love the Bunny Pink.  Like the Coney, the Bunny Pink boasts a completely waterproof battery compartment.  You need one N battery  for your toy, but the first one comes with it.

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