Sh! Smooth 3 Review by Nymph.Ness

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Author: Nymph. Ness

The Sh! Smooth 3 Dildo is a sleek straight dildo on a flared heart shaped base. The toy’s shaft is angled slightly for easier insertion during solo play and strap-on sex. The Smooth 3 is the perfect dildo for those who don’t enjoy textures or dramatic curves.  I’m a big fan of textures and curved shafts, but sometimes my body doesn’t feel up to anything too extreme, and from time to time I just want a change of pace. All Sh! Dildo Delights are handmade in the UK, being one of the only companies which makes silicone toys over this side of the pond.
The toy arrives in a simple shrink wrap, sitting on a piece of card which has the product information written onto it. The packaging is pretty basic, but it does the job, and means that less goes to waste.

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