Vintage Delight Frosted Plug with Vaseline Medallion Review by Nymph.Ness

img via nymph.ness

Originally Posted At: Notes from the nymph.ness

Author: Nymph.Ness
I have lusted after a Crystal Delights toy ever since I came across them. I feel very fortunate that Crystal Delights contacted me asking me to review their products, as their toys have just become available in the UK for the very first time. I received a Vintage Delight Frosted Plug with Vaseline Medallion in a size small to review. Currently you are only able to purchase this plug made in clear glass with a Swarovski crystal in the base – which is still very beautiful – but the plug’s shape and size should be the same.
All Crystal Delights products arrive in the most amazing and functional packaging I have ever found used for glass toys. The toy arrives in a black padded bag with an oriental design.

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