You 2 Toys – Butterfly Waver review by nymph.ness

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Author: Nymph Ness

The Butterfly Waver is a rabbit style vibrator using a butterfly’s antennae as the clitoral stimulator, rather than the standard bunny ears. The toy’s main shaft offers a waving sensation, rather than the standard rotations or vibrations found on other rabbit style vibrators. The waves are meant to massage the vagina, simulating the throbbing motion of a penis. This isn’t the first waver rabbit I have tried; I initially purchased one about 5 years ago, and wanted to see whether the technology had improved since then.

The Butterfly Waver arrives in a cardboard box, adorned with two pictures of a naked woman holding the sex toy. The packaging is rather off-putting, not just because of its sleazy nature, but also because of the way the model is glaring – I find it kind of intimidating.

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