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I have to admit, I was really attracted to the black version of the Tantus Anaconda Dildo. Why? There’s a very simple answer for that: it looks like a nightstick that a policeman would have. Actually, I’m reminded more of a British bobby, due to a bit in The Thin Blue Line. Inspector Fowler was going on about something and mentioned the 10” (aka their nightsticks) and it sounded like sexual innuendo. At least, that’s how Constable Habib took it, and started sniggering.

And that’s how the policeman/security guy (he use to be in security in the Navy) fantasy got stuck in my head. All my husband would need is the You’re Busted! policeman costume from Dreamgirl.  It doesn’t come with the Anaconda, though. I just used Paint.net to stick that in there. Perfect gift set. If anyone wants to get this outfit for hubby, it’s on my wish list.

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