Silicone Finger Bunny review by llellsee

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“Ears to you, Bunny”

I was excited to give this toy a try after recently receiving it as a free gift with an order. With it being made of silicone and boasting ten features I was thinking this is a pretty sweet free gift for Eden to be giving out with orders. It arrived in simple plastic packaging with no pornographic imagery, just information about the product which it states is manufactured for Sticking out of the plastic packaging is a nub of silicone which you can touch to test the feel of the silicone used for this toy. Once opened, the plastic bullet vibrator and silicone bunny sleeve sit seperate, ready to be joined for the first time.

– Bunny Sleeve

The first thing I noticed about the bunny sleeve upon removing it from its packaging is was its pleasant velvety soft texture.

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