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I have mentioned before that I like to dabble in BDSM and I enjoy being restrained. You can obviously use all sorts of things with which to restraint someone, rope, ties, clothesline, etc. I prefer a good set of cuffs. A while back I won these Black Foxtail Handcuffs from Babeland in a contest

When I was younger I played with metal handcuffs, but not only can metal cuffs leave marks, they often hurt in use and can even cause damage to your wrists. I may enjoy being restrained but I have no desire to injure myself or have people see marks on my body. This is where soft cuffs come in and the Black Foxtail Handcuffs are a good choice in soft cuffs.

The Black Foxtail Handcuffs are not just cuffs, but handcuffs. This means there is a connector between the cuffs that holds them together.

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