OH!Rings review by Mrs JoJo

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Author: Mrs. JoJo
UPDATE: This product has now been released on the 3rd May 2012

Lovehoney have kindly sent me a new product to review; Oh! rings

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a petite box, which illustrates the cock-ring on the front of the box, with ‘Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people’ and the product name ‘oh! rings’.  There is also a quirky slogan on the front-bottom of the box, saying ‘look darling, no hands‘.  I personally thought this was a nice touch to the product packaging.  Turning the box over, it states that this product is long lasting at 35 mins, strong vibrations with a unique way of stimulating.  There is nothing crude about the packaging.
This product is made from skin-safe rubber, which does not contain latex or phthalates.

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