Nichole’s Reviews: Suntouched Candle 3 in 1: Skinny Dip

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Another item for my massage obsession? yes, please!!! I recently got another massage candle, thanks to the great folks at envyusonline. I clearly believe there is NO WAY you can have too many massage candles and other goodies. If you like feeling relaxed and well, who doesn’t. It is just such a great feeling to get a good massage and be able to get a good nights sleep (well, that’s what massage can do for me anyways) …well it’s just yummy!

My most recent candle I got to add to my collection is the 3 in 1 Suntouched candle in Skinny Dip! Despite having the “naughty” Alias of skinny dip, this candle is actually very vanilla in smell :) And, as you might have learned by now Vanilla is one of my favorite scents! Oh and I guess flavors too, because I like vanilla ice cream best!

This candle comes in a round metal tin with a lid. The candle is 6.8 ounces. The lid of the tin has a sticker that tells you about the candle, and on the bottom of the actual candle portion there is more info such as your ingredients and burning information.

The candle is really and truly a 3 in 1! You have a nice scented candle just to burn if you wish, and then of course it is a massage candle.. that mosturizes! I really liked that it was made with soy, vitamin E , and hemp! I use a lot of vitamin E on my skin, and I also use a lot of hemp lotion when an after is some of the best moisturizer that you can get!

The neatest thing with this candle was that it came with a little spoon to use to get the liquid out of the tin and on to your skin! The spoon reminded me of when I was a kid and used to save those little spoons you’d get at the store with a sample. I used them in my tea sets! I really did find that to be unique and nifty especially since with this type of candle there isn’t a “pour spout” so to speak!

Oh, and a couple of other things that I liked was that these candles weren’t tested on animals and they are made in the USA! (I always get excited with USA made stuff. seems like there isn’t that much that is made here anymore)!

As far as burning instructions, it’s basically used with common sense which is something that I realize is a lost art on some people! You just simply burn it down till you have a pretty decent amount of liquid and then you can spoon it/ pour it onto your skin (extinguish the flame first!)

The smell of this candle has quickly became one of my favorites and I like to use it even just to help with moisturizing my skin after tanning. see it isn’t always about the massages! even though they are awesome!

I look forward to enjoying this candle for a while to come! It makes my living room smell heavenly when not in use for massage and moisturizing purposes!


 I was provided this item by envyusonline in exchange for my honest thoughts & opinions. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own. Your thoughts, opinions & experiences might vary!

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