We Vibe II Review by Chris Kinkk

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Originally Posted At: Kinky Testers

Author: Chris Kinnk

It came the other day. And 24 hours later, so did we.

I’ll start again. Mr Kinnk was out at work, doing important but boring stuff in an office somewhere. I was working at home and a ‘knock-knock’ came from the door. After I opened the door, Postman Pat (or it could have been Nigel or Barry) thrust the innocuous looking brown package into my hands. And I smiled a secret smile. My latest sex toy had arrived.

The We Vibe II is a very stylish and innovative toy from We Vibe. Their strap line is ‘Share the Pleasure’ and this is where the device differs from many other vibrators. The design allows the user to have sex at the same time as using the vibrator. Genius!

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