Clone-A-Willy Kit review by llellsee

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I’ll start my review by mentioning that for a few years now I’ve had my eye on the Clone-A- Willy kit. After getting married recently I figured that there was no better time to commit to lovingly cloning a man’s penis. With my husband well aware that it’s been an idea in my head for years, I know he was more nervous about the moulding process than anything else!
The Clone-A-Willy Kit arrives packaged in a clear plastic cylindrical tube. Inside is almost everything you will need to make a perfect clone of your or your partner’s penis.
The kit includes,
-Moulding Tube
-Moulding Powder
-2 Part Rubber Mix
-Stir Stick
 – Instructions
Some things you will need that are not included,
-A cock ring
-A mixing bowl (although we used a small storage box instead)
– A small piece of cardboard
– A sharp knife (for cutting away any lumps or bumps)

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