Icicles no.18 review by Nymph.Ness

img via nymph.ness

Originally Posted at: Notes from the Nymph.Ness

Author: nymph ness

The Icicles No. 18 is a curved glass G-spot toy with a bumpy textured shaft. It has two useable ends, one being a tapered tip, and the other being two spheres which reminded me of bubbles, especially as one has a red flower blown beautifully into the glass. I was eager to see if the curve of this particular G-spot toy would work for me. I was also curious to see how noticeable the bumpy textured shaft would feel and whether or not I would find it pleasurable.

The toy arrives in a large box with a few product images printed onto it. The front of the box opens via a magnetic catch revealing the product behind a plastic window – unfortunately you aren’t able to get to the product this way. Open either the top or bottom flaps and pull out the polystyrene tray.

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