Masque Oral Strips by mrs. jojo

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Originally Posted At: Naughty Corner Reviews

Author: Mrs. JoJo

Masque‘ is a unique product that is said to help cover up a man’s natural bodily tastes, making the act of fellatio a more pleasant experience. These unique strips are 100% American, as in the ingredients, the packing, anything involved with this product is made in the USA. The quality of this oral treat is FDA approved.

It works by using a masking ingredients made from a mixture of natural and artificial sources, which aid in blocking the taste of semen i.e. proteins, salts and bitterness tastes.

In each sachet is one strip measuring at 3cms x 2.3cms. They come in a slim foil packaging that is guaranteed to be hygienic. I couldn’t open the foil slip’s package without using a pair of scissors, however once it was open, the foil parts easily to present your fruity treat.

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