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I used to not care what brand or type of condom I used. I would just buy whichever was cheapest from Costco, usually Trojans or Durex. But since starting this blog I’ve been branching out and trying new brands and styles and I’ve found you can really notice a difference between which condom you use. I found out about ONE condoms through twitter actually, and after checking out their website I really liked that they were trying to be different than the major condom brands. So I figured what the heck and ordered the Mixed Pleasures 12-pack, which comes with 6 of the styles ONE offers: Pleasure Dome, Super Sensitive, 576 Sensations, Glowing Pleasures, Zero, and FlavorWaves. I was definitely gonna have my work cut out for me to try all 6.. but I was up to the challenge :)Click here for the rest!

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