Private Packer review by Delilah Captor

img courtesy of delilah

Originally Posted at: absolute debauchery.

Author: Delilah

I dig packers. I’ve been meaning to buy one for awhile now and when the opportunity to review the Private ( GoodVibes‘ own design ) I was pretty excited. The waiting for it to get here was the hard part ( or so I thought ) and when it did, getting the pictures was tantamount to waiting for pigs to fly.

The container it came in was simple and sleek; there wasn’t any annoying packaging going on and there was a simple insert behind the toy that had the name on the front and some information on the back;

If you can’t read it, the three round icons to the side say “silicone”, “phthalates free” and “harness compatible”.
Once I got pictures I cracked that sucker open and grabbed it and gave it the ‘squeeze’ test…

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