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I have reviewed a couple of Toyfriends in the past. I reviewed the Toyfriend Curvy, which I loved, the Toyfriend Seti, which I liked, and the Toyfriend Bossy, which I wanted to throw out the window. Considering I’m a bit like Goldilocks with my Toyfriends, I decided it was time to review another one, a tie-breaker, if you will. So, today we turn our attention to the the Toyfriend Starlet Vibrator.

The Toyfriend Starlet Vibrator is (obviously) made by the Swedish sex toy company, Toyfriend. One thing I have loved about all my Toyfriends is the awesome silicone with which they are covered. Not only is silicone latex and phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe, this silicone is super slick and smooth and doesn’t attract lint at all. I love it. It feels great against my skin as well. Of course, silicone is easy to care for and clean.

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