Speculum Review by Deliliah

img via deliliah

Originally Posted: Absolute Debauchery

Author: Delilah

I’ve got a thing for speculums. I’ve got a thing for being pried open. So when I saw that I could request a speculum to review? Hell yeah! I was all up on that sexytrain, and Babeland let me on it.

When it arrived, it was in a plain plastic bag. I guess you could use it to keep the speculum in, but then again, it’s not very discrete, nor is it very practical. The speculum itself is a clear plastic, but definitely not mistakable for anything but what it is. I wouldn’t suggest leaving this out unless you want people knowing you like to open yourself up to take a gander ( or in some cases, do your own pelvic exams, which is fine too ).

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