Speculum Review by Kitty

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I know, I know. But, I’ve made worse puns before, haven’t I?  Anyway, you’re not here because you care about my hideous attempt at cute review titles.  You’re here because you’re dying to know how Babeland’s speculum checks out.  Aren’t you?

Oh, no, come back!  Don’t get scared off just because I said the dreaded “S” word.  Speculum doesn’t have to be a scary word.  (Though, it can be if you want too…)  Speculums can be sexy!  It can be fun to be “opened up” in such a way that your lover (or you!) can see inside one of your most erotic zones.  And, it doesn’t have to hurt or be cold or terrible like at the doctor’s office.  Promise.

(Though, again..  If you’re the type who likes that sort of thing..

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