Wahl 7 in 1 review by Deliliah

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Originally Posted at :  Absolute debauchery

Author: Delilah

Dear, sweet wonderful Babeland. I love you right now. You let me sink my hooks into this catch and when I reeled it in, I was floundering for words about how Cod-damn amazing the Wahl is. I’ve gotta say, this massager tickles my gills with how many waves it makes in my self-pleasure time

Had enough fish-puns? Alright, good. Then on to the review!

I honestly never thought this would crop up to review. It’s such a popular item that I thought everywhere would be absolutely RIFE with great reviews as to how the Wahl works practical miracles…

But then Babeland surprised me. I’m not going to question why they put it up except to make some people very, very happy – and I got to be one of them! So I ordered this baby up and got my wait on for my brand new Wahl.

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