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Author: Delilah

But that’s really not a bad thing. I like billy-clubs; they’re kinda kinky and ( at least in this case ) can be used as a sextoy. Sweet!

Anyway, when I got the Anaconda the packaging was… well, gloriously see-through and very blunt. There’s no way you’re going to get away with thinking this is anything but a dildo with a handle. Just.. none.

At least you’ll also know it’s silicone. 100% platinum silicone, even. Anyway, you can definitely keep the Anaconda in this, but the packaging is also somewhat inefficient, space-wise. You can actually store this dildo sitting upright, however, because the base is flat on the bottom. It’s not too stable, so if you do go that way, you’ll want to put it somewhere where it doesn’t run the risk of falling onto toys ( or other things ) of different materials.

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