YESforLOV Sense Me Sensual Gift Set review by blacksilk

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Vibrator Kingdom are a thoughtful lot! Since my name is Blacksilk, they said, how about reviewing some black satin? What VK have done here is take the YESforLOV Black Satin Blindfold (£9.99) and the YESforLOV Caressing Feather (£9.99) and combined them into a Sense Me Sensual Gift Set of the two for £17.49. The idea is that you’ll get two items that complement each other for a lower price.


The YESforLOV Black Satin Blindfold is a very long (over four feet), 2.75″ wide strip of double-thickness black satin printed with the gold YESforLOV logo on each end. It is to be placed around the eyes and tied in a bow or knot at the back of the head. What’s nice about it is that, since it is long and sturdy, it can actually double up as a tie for your lover’s hands if you fancied some sensual, light bondage, which makes it pretty versatile.

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