Honey Lube Review by Delilah

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Originally Posted at:: Absolute Debauchery

Author: Delilah

When EdenFantasys so graciously sent me Honey Lube to review, I was super fucking excited. I’m pretty sure at least one or two of you out there know that I’ve got a thing for honey and bees and pretty much anything related so this just tickled me pink to be able to review…

Especially when the bottle is like your typical honey-bottle, bear and all. Seriously, it’s ridiculously cute and posed really nicely for me when I took pictures. The package it came in was just a simple plastic bag, too, so I’m glad they went the full mile with the bottle ( which comes in a uniform 6 fl. oz ). The tag around the bear’s neck has a fancy H on the front, and on the back it links to the product’s website.

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