Seven ’til Midnight Show Stopper Bra Set review by llellsee

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Not usually being a fan of pink lingerie, I recently took the chance to invest in something a bit different for my collection after taking quite a liking to the ruffled style of the Show stopper ruffle bra set.
Made by Seven ’til Midnight, The show stopper bra set arrives well packaged in a stylish black and pink box which features images of the product being modelled on the front and back, showing what both the front and back of the set look like when worn. The side panels of the box are baby pink with black polka dots and give the product a cute, woman-friendly feel, making the set feel like something you would quite happily give or receive as a gift.
On the back of the packaging, the set is described as a one size mesh ruffle bra with lace trim and four tier ruffled panty.

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