Lelo Insiginia Tiani 2 Review by Beanfiddlers

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When it first came out back in October, I reviewed the LELO Tiani. There were some things about it I liked and some things I didn’t. One good thing about LELO is that they really do listen to customer feedback. After hearing comments and complaints about certain aspects of the LELO Tiani, LELO upgraded and updated it and recently released the new LELO Insignia Tiani 2.

The LELO Insignia Tiani 2 looks the same as its predecessor but there are some very significant changes. Check out my review of the original LELO Tiani if you’re not familiar with it. LELO claims the Tiani 2 is 50% more powerful than the the original, while being quieter. It is definitely more powerful and quieter, especially the remote. The Tiani itself wasn’t terribly loud but the remote was on the loud side. This is much improved with the Tiani 2.

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