Trojan Midnight Collection Multi Position Review by Kitty

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Author: Kitty

I really love g-spot stimulation, and I have been intrigued by the new line of vibrators made by Trojan.  Lucky for me, Babeland has my back, and they sent me the Trojan Midnight Collection Multi-Position!  I was definitely excited to try it out.  First, let’s get some specs out of the way.

The Trojan Midnight Collection Multi-Position is a cool little toy.  It is made from ABS plastic and Silicone (so, it is body safe!), and is easy to clean.  The handle, which is made from ABS plastic has a very velvety feel to it.  It’s gorgeous.  It is water resistant, so you can take it into the shower to play (but, don’t submerge it because it is not water proof).  The toy comes with the two AA batteries it requires, which is always a perk.

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