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A while back Rocks-Off sent me the cute little Luv Massager which I enjoyed using. Recently they offered to send me a couple more vibrators to try out and I was happy to oblige. One of the vibrators is the Rocks-Off RO-160mm Vibrator.

The Rocks-Off RO-160mm Vibrator is actually listed on the Rocks-Off site under bullets, but as you can see from the images below it is quite large and not what I consider a bullet at all. It does look like a giant bullet, however, due to the shape. The RO-160mm is what I consider a classic or traditional vibrator, indicated by it’s smooth, sleek shape and semi pointy tip. My RO-160mm is a lovely magenta color, but it also comes in a deep blue. It has “RO-160mm” stamped into its side along with the Rocks-Off heart logo.


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