Lelo Smart Wand Review by Beanfiddlers

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Author: Beanfiddlers

A while back I did a Spotlight about LELO’s new massager, the Smart Wand, which I was really interested in reviewing. I like many of LELO’s products and I tend to be curious about their new toys. Fortunately, I have now had the opportunity to test out one of these new LELO Smart Wands, thanks to MEME.

The LELO Smart Wand is the first body massager in LELO’s Pleasure Object line and it is a very versatile product. It is obviously meant to be used as a full body massager, but it can certainly be used as an external vibrator as well.

Covered in some of the smoothest and silkiest silicone I have yet to run across, the LELO Smart Wand is lovely to touch and stroke along my body. The silicone has basically no drag to it so it glides easily along the skin.

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