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If you prefer girthy, nonrepresentational dildos with lots of texture, Splash just may be the ticket. The larger cousin of Splish, Splash is one of the first dual-color toys produced by Tantus, and is available in a mix of Pearl White and Purple Haze pearlescent colors.

Splash is the one on the left, while Splish is the one on the right. Both have the same sort of texture in Tantus’ completely body-safe and beautiful silicone. The combination of the color and texture had me lusting after this dildo at first sight…




Tantus packages are all shipped in plain boxes with the standard FedEx or USPS label. The name “Tantus” does appear anywhere, and neither does any description of the contents.

Splash came in the typical red, white, and transparent plastic box that almost all Tantus toys come in. There’s some basic information about the material and company.

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