Beanfiddler Reviews Liberator Fascinator Throe

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I am a fan of sex toy accessories and products that encourage sex and make it easier and more creative. Therefore, I was pleased when I had the opportunity to review both the Liberator Wedge and the Liberator Ramp. This week I’m reviewing another Liberator product that I’ve had for a while, the Liberator Fascinator Throe.

The Liberator Fascinator Throe is a very popular Liberator product. In fact, it is so popular, Liberator has come out with several versions and tons of colors. There is a Décor Fascinator Throe, a Faux Fur Fascinator Throe, and of course, the plain old Liberator Fascinator Throe, which is what I have. The are differences in material and pricing between these three throes, but in this review I am focusing on the Liberator Fascinator Throe. This Throe is 4′ by 5′so it’s slightly smaller than a queen size mattress.

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