Blacksilk Reviews Phallix Glass Love Pacifier

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♦ The Glass Love Pacifier, sold by SexShop365, is a clear glass dildo made by Phallix, a company that specialises in glass toys. It’s actually only my third glass toy (if you don’t count the rubbish Icicles No.4, which I really feel I shouldn’t), so it’s something I was really looking forward to trying out as I’ve very much enjoyed the sensation of glass in the past.

The Love Pacifier comes in unfortunately awful packaging. Firstly, it comes in a huuuge plastic blister pack that is 16.5 blimmin’ inches long. The dildo itself is a mere total of 6.75 inches long, so there’s a good nine inches of excess space. It is unnecessarily massive.

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Editors Note: I am sorry to not include a picture with this review! The current pictures I had available for the pictures exceed my available upload limit for my server. If I can correct this problem in the future I will add a picture! THanks!

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