Mangasm Rush & Alpha Review by Mrs. JoJo

originally posted at: Naughty Corner Reviews
author: mrs. jojo
‘Mangasm’ is a US based company, who have come up with a unique prostate massager toy.

I was contacted by Mangasm HQ and asked if I would like to review a couple of products within their line. As a lass who likes to dip my toes into different opportunities, I jumped at the chance.

I have been sent the Mangasm Rush & the Mangasm Alpha to test and review. So let’s start with a general ‘all over’ with both products.

Upon arrival, I was greet by a very discreet package, which was addressed correctly and had no markings on it that showed this product came from an adult company. In fact it arrived in 3 days of being informed this review item was on it’s way.

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editors note: I apologize for no picture being included. I am having server errors with uploads!

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