llellsee reviews Behind Closed Doors Lace Teddy by Seven Til Midnight

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I was excited to find out that I had been chosen to review the Seven Til Midnight, Behind Closed Doors Lace Teddy for Lovehoney. Already having several pieces by Seven Til Midnight in my collection, I have found them to be one of the better lingerie brands for sale on sex toy sites. I own a long sleeve black lace teddy by them and love its cut and fit so I was eager to add this even racier addition to my lingerie collection.
The Behind Closed Doors Lace Teddy arrived in Seven Til Midnights usual style of packaging, a box which shows the item being modelled on the front and back and even has a small clear panel at the back which gives you a peek at the lace material of the teddy. The sides of the box are pink panels with black polka-dots.

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