9-613 Roses Flog-Her Review by True Pleasures

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Author: True Pleasure

I’ll admit I’ve been eyeing the 9-613 Roses Flog-Her for quite a while. Made by Ruff Doggie Styles, this leather cat o’ nine tails is designed to make your lover’s cheeks bloom. There’s just something so alluring about something beautiful that hints at danger.

This particular flogger had been in my wish list  when, all of a sudden, I was asked by Sin Free Toys if I’d like to review it. Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

Sin Free Toys, if you haven’t heard of them, offers both a regular online sex toy store, and a Christian online sex toy store, with more religions coming soon. What they’re trying to do is provide a calming, positive experience for people of all religions.

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